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C_Mine: from Genk to Imola

North-European inspiration







Genk is a small Flemish town, half an hour north of Maastricht. In memory of its mining and productive past, there are still some relics of industrial archeleogy that have survived the decades and have come down to us. It is in one of those abandoned poles,today recovered and restored, which ferments a flourishing cultural, artistic and innovative center, the pride of Flanders. C_MINE has preserved the original structure in which bricks, cements and metals are the masters: this context has inspired the surfaces collection of the same name created by the Imola Group

The tags of the new C_Mine project are commingling, reconversion, art, culture, design; this is how Leonardo Ceramica interprets cement, adding an important piece to the Industry Collections proposed by the ceramic world. A glance is enough for the surface to speak about itself, revealing the industrious past of which it has been witness. Its inhomogeneity, scratches, imperfections and the texture of the material make it a suggestive proposal. Colors are essential. Porcelain stoneware with colored mass is offered with a limited but significant number of pieces, from the large 120 x 120 cm to the traditional 30 x 60 cm, through a 60 x 120 cm bushhammered outdoor plate and a mosaic outside the box, where the rectangular tiles are mounted on the net in the opposite direction giving to us a unique optical effect.

Visit our showroom BHC Milano, Via Maestri Campionesi 20 where we dedicated the temporary wall of the store to C_Mine collection,
or buy it on our online shop