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A Smart Choice!

Ceramica Euro is a good concept: captivating look and small price. The company from Castellarano moves with agility among the more contemporary and  appealing styles desired by the market. It offers a wide catalog.

The stone effects are natural and defined. The NordStone soft surface becomes dry and strong on Ecostone, it meets the texture of the cement with Area Collection and becomes solide and slightly mineralized in the Dolomites and Stone Quartz Collections. The four proposals of wood effects look like the original wood: Parquet Collection stands out, with its rectified format. Ceramica Euro gifts to us a wonderful fabric effect, too: to betray Canvas there are only grout joints between the tiles, because the look convinces both the eyes than the touch. In Seven, Scolpita, SpaStone Collections as well as in the Dolomites already, the material gains space with really appreciable 3D effects. There is nothing new under the sun: many producers, infact, have such proposals in their Catalogue. So, why we should o choose CERAMICA EURO? For three excellent reasons, of course:

Quality – Great Look and Low Prices

Ceramica Euro has high design products, created with excellent raw materials and state-of-the-art production processes: a company that has all it takes to compete on the market!

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