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A new space in Via Maestri Campionesi, 20 Milan!

Learn how to think forward, because the season of the everything smaller is over. This was the beginning of the declamation of Barilli, general secretary of Italian Startup, published recently on Corriere della Sera. The ceramic industry has certainly shared this business principle, launching a fleet of big slabs that is heading towards a promising and prosperous future. The commitment of the market, focused on “continuous” productions with remarkable investments, technological wealth and aesthetic research, has led to the supply of even more big slabs, demonstrating a Herculean effort, trying to continuously overcome themselves.

The thickness of the large formats has taken shape up to 6/7 mm, on average, with two important corollaries. First of all, a wide selection of surfaces and digital writing is available. The reproduction of marbles with the continuity of the veins “in chain” or “in open stain”. Concrete and stones, textured and irregular; resins, material and soft, or seminatos with an ancient flavor but now more than ever modern. Secondly, the stability during the phase of moving and laying, without sacrificing the flexibility of the product, carried in crates or sawhorses built ad hoc to guarantee the integrity up to the site.

But the ceramic district has gone even further: it’s very important to think forward! It proposed 160×320 cm format, a giant capable of covering larger walls, and sought market niches in which he could place this product, in light of the enormous performance qualities it has. Extreme resistance, healthiness, hygiene, easy cleaning, total absence of harmful emissions were valid and convincing arguments that have easily given access to the world of furniture. Here it is, therefore, that the non-rectified slabs of cm 162×324, thickened to 12 mm, become essential supports for the creation of kitchen tops, work islands, tables, furnishing elements, bathroom tops, underlining the “sartorial” connotation of interior projects .

BHC Milano has always been a supporter of this trend and today inaugurates a new space in its showroom in Via Maestri Campionesi, becoming one of the most important exhibitors of large formats among operators in the sector. These are important numbers! Over 70 big slabs, 120×240 cm, 160×320 cm, 100×300 cm, over 200 sqm!

A space dedicated to professionals and customers, where you can appreciate these large surfaces, letting your eyes wander and your hands run to enjoy colors, writings and textures.

Many of these big slabs are also available on our online shop! Click the links below!






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Mutina Cover

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