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The great italian pointilliste


Dead at the age of 87

Alessandro Mendini dead the last Februray, 18th . The great italian pointelliste left us at the age of 87 in his loved Milan. His Atelier brings forward the huge artistic heritage that he created throughout his long and profitable career. Goodby Maestro!


Celosia by Urquiola

a real tactile material

The Asturian Designer looks once again to the tradition, to the history of materials, and reinvent now the extruded terracotta. Celosia, comes out from earth, imperfect and solid, marked by the hand of man and by time passing. Terracotta has been reinvented and it borns to a knew life


Ezio Riva for Ted Milano. A project that approaches carpet design from the starting point of architecture and photography through a passion for texture and colour. The interweaving of silks and wools and the varying thickness of the weave emphasise the geometries of architecture.