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Residence in Megeve Haute-Savoie (France)





A house in the mountains where wood reigns supreme in a light shade that matches well with the white walls. Long planks run on the floor throughout the house, also covering some walls of the rooms and the kitchen and going to create, with craftsmanship, even many of the elements of furniture (wardrobes, beds and bookcases). The warm domestic atmosphere of the living room is enlivened by the fireplace area, also designed by wooden planks. The bathroom is also covered in wood, with the sole exception of the floor covered with slate-splitted slabs, another obvious reference to the alpine construction tradition, and of the shower where the slate cladding is in strips. A happy mix of traditional materials used, however, in a contemporary key for a truly impressive final effect.
Project and photo: arch. Alessandro Conca
Bathroom cladding: slate BLACK SLATE 30×30 cm split floor and slate surface SILVER GRAY slat with split 60×3 / 6/9 cm slat surface – Società Della Pietra. BHC Milan supply