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House in Segrate (Milano, Italy)



White dominates in this large house near Milan. A brightness that, from the large windows, is mirrored on walls and wardrobes but which fades into the warmth of the Teak Burma floor laid to run, for a continuity effect, throughout the house, including bathrooms, with the sole exception of the kitchen . The light multiplies even more in the bathrooms where the white Carrara marble cladding wraps around walls, shower and tub for a result of refined elegance, with the particular of the tub bottom covered in mosaic. In the sleeping area, in a very unusual way, the walls of the rooms have been covered up to the ceiling with Japanese ceramic slabs that have a particular characteristic: they constantly maintain a healthy and comfortable atmosphere because they absorb and retain odors and dangerous chemicals as well as the excess moisture.
Project: arch. Alessandro Conca
Bathroom cladding: casing paneling in white Carrara “C” glossy and 3×3 cm mosaic in white Carrara sandblasted finish. BHC SUPPLY Milan showroom
Headboard wall covering of the bedrooms: ceramic line Ecocarat Takehigo 30×30 cm (Inax). BHC SUPPLY Milan showroom
Parquet: Teak Burma, three layers brushed varnished. BHC SUPPLY Milan showroom
Photo: Alessandro Conca