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Nature and Deisgn


100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable.

GRANORTE was founded in 1972, with the aim of recycling the cork residues that came from the production of wine corks. If it is true that the most noble art for men is to transform the material by elevating it, enriching it with added value, the Portuguese company founded by the Figueredo da Rocha family, is a true witness, dedicating attention to research and product development , obtaining innovative production processes and technical excellence. The significant know-how allows us to always produce new technical solutions to use cork.

About cork. It is the outer bark of the cork oak, Quercus Suber L, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region of the world. The bark is a plant tissue composed of an agglomeration of cells filled with a gas similar to air and alternating layers of cellulose and suberin. Each cubic centimeter of the cork structure contains between 30 and 40 million cells. The cork oak forests cover about 2.5 million hectares mainly in seven countries: Portugal, Algeria, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy and Tunisia. This plant has a life of about 300 years and must be 25 years before it can produce its first harvest. The cork is removed from the trunk in a sustainable way every nine years and does not affect the tree in any way. After harvesting, a new layer of cork begins to grow. With growing concern for the environment, cork oak remains the only tree whose bark can regenerate after harvest, leaving the tree unaltered. It is truly a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. Furthermore, the cork oak has the extraordinary ability to retain carbon and when it is debarked, the carbon is fixed almost five times more. This exceptional characteristic makes cork a naturally sustainable product and its use contributes to the conservation of a unique habitat in the world. Cork is highly performing. Let’s see its key features

  • Lightness: Around 80% of the cork volume consists of gaseous matter, which makes cork extremely light and buoyant.
  • Elasticity and Resiliency: The cellular membranes are very flexible, making the cork both compressible and elastic. These characteristics, together with other qualities, largely explain how cork has become indispensable for stoppers manufacturing. When cork is subjected to strong pressure the gas in the cells is compressed and reduces considerably in volume. When released from pressure cork immediately recovers its original volume.
  • Impermeability: The presence of suberin (a complex mixture of fatty acids and heavy organic alcohol) renders cork impermeable to both liquids and gases. As a result it does not rot, and may therefore be considered one of the best seals available.
  • Insulation: Cork has one of the best insulating capacities, thermal and acoustical, of all natural substances. This is due to the fact that the gaseous elements are sealed in tiny, impermeable compartments, insulated one from the other by a moisture resistant material.
  • Fire retardant: Cork is a natural fire retardant as it does not spread flames and does not release toxic gases during combustion.
  • Durability: Cork is also remarkably resistant to wear and has a high friction coefficient. Thanks to the honeycomb structure, it is less affected by impact and friction that other hard surfaces.
  • Hypoallergenic: Cork does not absorb dust and, consequently, does not cause allergies nor pose a risk to asthma sufferers.
  • Biodegradable, recyclable and renewable: Cork is a natural raw material which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable.

Granorte transform this wonder of nature into unique and exciting products. Among the different Collections, mention should be made of:

  • NATURALS _ The NATURALS Collection presents style and beauty. With a fabulous assortment of designs, textures and colors, the NATURALS collection offers the perfect solution to create luxurious interior decorating styles, from modern to traditional. Floating floor installation | Uniclic® WEARTOP® Finish 910x300x10.5 mm Level of use: CLASS 23 | 32 Guarantee: 15 years Residential | 5 years Commercial – MICROBAN® antibacterial protection – FSC® certified products available on request
  • RECOLOUR _ It is the maximum contemporary design applied to floors. Produced using an innovative panel size with micro beveled edges and a natural cork texture with a wide selection of neutral or bright colors, it provides an exceptional basis for creative design. The saturated but never excessive color leaves evidence of the material, without ever covering it completely, creating a perfect euqilibrio between the color itself and the cork.
  • RUSTICORK _ RUSTICORK panels create natural, bold, unique and beautiful walls. The bark, full-bodied and rich, in its natural color, black or an intense blue, becomes a furnishing element that leaves a unique and precious mark on any wall
  • STORYWALL_ 100% post-industrial recycled natural cork that integrates traditional industrial techniques with new high-tech graphic systems, resulting in a perfect symbiosis between the traditional cork character and cutting-edge digital printed graphics. The designs affect the collection of wall coverings with themes ranging from the traditional Portuguese tile to the modern pixel.
  • 3DFORMS_ modular tiles that are combined in various matrices to create unique three-dimensional models by adding depth and identity to vertical surfaces. Offering an infinite amount of creative possibilities, 3DFORMS offers a unique texture and advanced intrinsic acoustic and thermal properties.

Granorte cork floors, cladding and furnishing complements are available in our store in Milano!