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thanks to BHC Milano and Doofinder!

It was 1962 and on a Sicilian newspaper, Trapani Nuova, a very futuristic article entitled “In 2000 the phones will do everything by themselves – We will read the newspapers through the telephone network and we will also be able to use them for bank operations”. Thanks to a detailed research by Il Mattino, reading the text, it is clear that the journalist, and the three American experts mentioned, referred to a mainly telephone and television system far from the network we know. The ability to anticipate the future is interesting but the reality that has exceeded imaginable expectations is even more interesting and amazing.

The network, in fact, has become an impressive tool that has made it possible for us to reduce distances and carry out operations such as the online purchase of most of the goods and services we need. BHC Milano is constantly working on its e-commerce to make it even more user-friendly and complete. The quantity of products has exponentially increased, adding less famous producers to the big names in the ceramic sector, with even more competitive floor and wall coverings. Quality first, of course, but accompanied by substantial discounts and a high attention to the assistance service that follows the customer from the moment of the choice to the delivery of the product.

In order to make your experience even more comfortable and easy, we have recently installed a new search software, powerful, reliable, straightforward: thanks to Doofinder you can choose the material based on the mood, the colors, the effects, the surface, the sizes you prefer and that best suit your style. It is sufficient to use the search bar on the top of the homepage of and type in what you want: it takes just a few seconds.

So sit down comfortably on your sofa and enjoy your purchases: in a few clicks you can receive the material at home, treating yourself new and comfortable locations.

Our staff is constantly at your disposal. Here are some references:

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or you can use the dialog box right down our shop homepage and chat live with us! (the chat is active from 09.30 to 18.30: if the operators are busy, leave an email and we will contact you soon).