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The apartment, a penthouse , is located in a newly built building in the center of Lenzerheide, a famous town in the canton of Grisons.
The clients’ request is very precise: to obtain 2 double rooms with private bathroom, a room for children with bathroom, in addition to the living area with kitchen, dining area and large relax area with fireplace. All in the style of a contemporary chalet, using natural materials with a warm and soft taste.
All the planks were therefore eliminated, dividing the spaces through wooden wardrobes and movable walls.
3 the materials that characterize the house:
– the wood: sanded oak with which the main elements of the house have been made, such as the floor, the attic roof and all the furnishings (not including the kitchen) as well as some walls
– the stone: brushed tunis gray, used as a lining material for the walls of the bathrooms and the TV wall of the living area
– brushed iron: used for the most characteristic furnishing elements.
The choice of wood is fundamental, determining in giving the house a warm but stripped image of rustic taste. Not the traditional pine or Tyrolean pine, but the most current treated and sanded oak.
This, and other choices, such as the use of sheet metal, glass for the kitchen, the white cement as the finish of the “uncovered” walls in combination with the wood make this attic very elegant and welcoming with a deliberately contemporary cut.
– Flooring, roof, walls and furniture  Wood: BHC Collection, Russian coffee Thickness: 15mm, three layers Widths: 140/180/220 mm Various lengths (for roofs 1500/2200 mm) Supplier: BHC HOME EXPERIENCE
– Marble and stone coatings Tunis Gray in Casellario, BHC Stone Collection , Supplier: BHC HOME EXPERIENCE
– Cement walls Terre & Colors® decorative coating with two layers laying by cementoresin spatula application. Supplier: HD HOME DESIGN
– Metal items Iron sheet, etched streaked iron finish to sample Supplier: DE CASTELLI
PHOTOS: Massimiliano Morlotti







The apartment is located in a new building in a hilly position overlooking Lake Como in Tavernola. The two levels are connected by an internal staircase made of concrete and enclosed by a transparent glass parapet that develops from the lower floor up to the living area. The flooring of the two floors and the staircase connecting them is made of gray cement resin. This choice enhances the linearity and simplicity of this intervention. The request of the client was aimed at obtaining a house that played with the contrasts of black and white. The only exception is the wall of the master bathroom, resolved with a “smoked” oak wood finish with a “saw-cut” finish that gives it a “warmer” and relaxing look. The bathroom is “inserted” in the master bedroom from which it is divided only by a reflecting glass that “fencing” the two rooms.
– Bathroom: BHC Collection parquet wall covering, Zen line, Camelias color
– Staircase: Cementino HD flooring. BHC supply




The apartment is located in a classic “terrace” building, located in the famous “Zoagli cliff”. The property includes a wonderful sea garden with sunbathing area and relaxation area.
The request of the client was that of a “light” and completely white house, which dialogued with the sea below and with the rock. The flooring of the upper floor was therefore made of bleached oak and “beached” while all the furnishings are made of opaque white glass. (The beach is a roundish finish of the table that, next to the next, creates an effect similar to that of the sand that is opposed to the wave of the sea). Particular attention has been paid to the finishes of indoor and outdoor environments, with appropriate choices in the textures and resistance of materials to atmospheric agents.
-Input: Burma teak wood floor. Outside Decking System BHC
-Living: BHC Collection parquet, Milano line, rounded sanded finish, cream color, varnished
– Master bathroom: Spaccatello of white marble lasa. BHC supply
– Guest bathroom: Mutina porcelain stoneware wall tiles, Flow series, color White
-Solarium: Merbau wood flooring. Outside Decking System BHC
-Terrace top: Natural stone floor, Colombino with a buttoned finish. Decking Stone Il Casone. BHC supply
PHOTOS: Massimiliano Morlotti
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In a hillside position above the city of Lugano, this villa enjoys a splendid view of the lake and the mountains.
The simplicity of the original architectural design has inspired the use of very few materials. The entire villa is in fact made using only wood, stone, cement.
Exterior: Decking Stone Il Casone, Pietra Extraforte, buttoned finish
Pool: Pietra Il Casone Extraforte, buttoned finish
Scale: HD Resin
Parquet: BHC Collection, Zen Line, Orchid
Children’s bedroom, wall cladding: Inax Ecocarat, Supply: BHC
Bathroom: Pietra Il Casone Extraforte, sanded finish. Supply: BHC
Place: Lake Lugano
Project Building: arch. Marco Sangiorgio – sailing 11 / A Mendrisio -CH
Interior design: arch. Angelo Pozzoli -via village Vico 120-Como
General contractor: Pozzoli projects & services -Como
Total surface area: 239 square meters
Total covered living area: 662 + 65 sqm garage
PHOTO: Giovanni de Sandre