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Flat in Zoagli, Genoa – Italy




The apartment is located in a classic “terrace” building, located in the famous “Zoagli cliff”. The property includes a wonderful sea garden with sunbathing area and relaxation area.
The request of the client was that of a “light” and completely white house, which dialogued with the sea below and with the rock. The flooring of the upper floor was therefore made of bleached oak and “beached” while all the furnishings are made of opaque white glass. (The beach is a roundish finish of the table that, next to the next, creates an effect similar to that of the sand that is opposed to the wave of the sea). Particular attention has been paid to the finishes of indoor and outdoor environments, with appropriate choices in the textures and resistance of materials to atmospheric agents.
-Input: Burma teak wood floor. Outside Decking System BHC
-Living: BHC Collection parquet, Milano line, rounded sanded finish, cream color, varnished
– Master bathroom: Spaccatello of white marble lasa. BHC supply
– Guest bathroom: Mutina porcelain stoneware wall tiles, Flow series, color White
-Solarium: Merbau wood flooring. Outside Decking System BHC
-Terrace top: Natural stone floor, Colombino with a buttoned finish. Decking Stone Il Casone. BHC supply
PHOTOS: Massimiliano Morlotti
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