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High technology and craftsmanship

The design declined through the corten and the metals







In the last years, corten has become increasingly established as a trendy material, loved and requested by architects and designers. How are your new proposals for coloring and surface textures born?
We are very attentive to what the market demands and, to best satisfy our customers, we always offer innovative solutions. For years De Castelli has invested in the continuous research in these areas, referring to the tradition of ancient oxidation techniques to which new techniques are combined, elaborated within our workshops. All our production is distinguished by the highest quality of construction, which is expressed through the meticulous attention to detail and the manual execution of all finishing and decoration operations.
Through our advanced production techniques we have therefore succeeded in introducing design in the home and in the dehors, declining it with iron, steel, brass, copper, etc.

You also collaborate with important names in the world of architecture …
Yes, right from the progressive collaboration with important international architects, designers and landscapers, we can now count on a product catalog with collections signed by Michele De Lucchi, Aldo Cibic, Ramon Esteve, Philippe Nigro, LucidiPevere, Gumdesign, etc.

The BHC showroom has architects among its primary interlocutors. How was this relationship born and which collections did you choose for this exhibition?
It is a relationship based on mutual professional collaboration. Thanks to the age-old knowledge of metals and their processes, De Castelli is able to offer tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of architects and designers. BHC, precisely for the particular clientele to which it is addressed, constituted above all by designers or individuals particularly attentive to the choices of the materials, allows us to get in touch with this type of referents that for us are the ideal interlocutors.

Which aspects of your production do you mainly want to communicate to professionals with your proposals in the showroom?
We are especially interested in highlighting the knowledge of De Castelli in metalworking, which is a perfect blend of high technology and craftsmanship.
First in all our works there is always a manual intervention, very accurate, which characterizes the details and quality.