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History, Good Wine and Design


A new success for BHC Milano

Tenuta Roveglia is located a few kilometers from the south shore of Lake Garda, surrounded by the greenery of the hinterland. They are productive lands, clayey, rich in mineral salts, which the Zweifel-Azzone family has governed since the end of the 19th century, who recently decided to start a restyling project in which we proudly participated.

Stone, a primordial element, flexible with its various processes, becomes the subject of this creative project. A Nordic lake stone, characterized by a mixture of grains of various sizes, where the random variation of grains and the change of the shades of tone – given by the different point of its extraction – are its fundamental peculiarities. But we are not talking about a natural product, but the creation of 41Zero42, their eighth collection which, after the analysis of the processes and possible colors, gave us the ideal material for Tenuta di Roveglia. Otto, with its disarming simplicity, with its natural surfaces, rippled and scratched, the solid structure of coloured porcelain stoneware, has become a safe choice. Its 7.5×30 size layed in herringbone pattern enhances the mix of different textures and accompanies the visitor to discover the scents and flavors of this place, being himself, as his producer defines it, “a romantic variation of nuances and structures”.

The four-hundred-year-old walls dressed with The Paint Makers Company products surround us in this journey. The trademark owned by Colorificio Centrale, located in the productive province of Brescia, includes an enviable colour palette, declined in wall paintings and resins. Archiground Design Contact P-530-C2 is a mineral coarse-grained paste, suitable for tiles, concretes and plasters. Installed carefully following the cycles indicated, Archiground is highly performing, aesthetically appreciable, material, in confidence with all the interior elements, adhering to the nature of the historical complex. Also used for the stairs that lead to the basement where the steel or oak barrels will be kept from which will be born precious wines and grappas of Tenuta Roveglia.

41zero42 and The Paint Makers Company products are available in our BHC Milano showroom.