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Shop in Bologna – Italy


It is the retro style that characterizes the “L’autre Chose” clothing store located in Bologna, in the city center. Frames in plaster, French stucco, wallpaper William Morris: a refined context that finds its natural completion in the warm parquet that covers the floor.
The solid oak planks, of the LOFT – BHC Collection series have been chosen by the Milanese designer, Valentina Casadei, in the “Barcelona” color, and laid in different sizes, with widths ranging from 90 to 150 mm, and lengths of 400 and 2200 mm. The choice was determined by the desire to characterize the space in an original way without neglecting the objective of giving the environment an old-fashioned look. The LOFT parquet series was created using particular natural aging techniques thanks to an oil impregnation: the effect is unique and of strong character, pleasing to the eye and to trampling. The tone chosen for the parquet offers a calm and warm background for the other elements that complete this environment: the simple, brass hangers, fixed to the floor, the velvet curtains of the same color of the wall, the brass and glass furniture with pink fabric.
PARQUET: LOFT BHC Collection line, “Barcelona” color, widths from 90 to 150 mm, lengths 400 and 2200 mm, thickness 14 mm