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flamboyant and eclectic


Is more, Is the First: a collection by 41Zero42 that takes shape from the contamination of various environments, from the industrial world to the artisan context, ONE is synonymous of interconnection that points to the simplicity and the familiar link of an apparently predictable zip code.

The main idea of ONE is the importance of the content, the story that excites and thrills, 41Zero42 with this collection designates itself as a storyteller in search of the lifeblood at the base of creative curiosity, shaping that relationship with the product that very few are able to create!

With ONE, the ”cement tiles” are back, but not the classic ones, seen and reviewed, 41Zero42 presents them again in an extreme format 120×120! 

ONE also brings to the floor for the first time the cold colouring technology that gives the product fabulously bright colours! 

We never forget the first time, and this will be especially true for ONE, the novelty that renews and raises the concept of colour and versatility. 

It is fresh, fun, innovative. One is decorative energy!