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Mater by Mutina


Mater, a term derived from ‘matter’, recalls the earth used to make the neutral bases in the collection.

it’s a project where glaze becomes the true protagonist, being applied with an innovative glazing technique which allowed for the creation of a tactile
effect with great visual impact.

Suitable for tiling the surfaces of residential and commercial premises, both indoors and outdoors, Mater is produced in three formats, 15×60 cm, 60×60 cm and 120×120 cm.

Available in a basic version with neutral background in the colours Uni Beige and Uni Moka. Starting from these two modules, the
collection develops into six variants carachterised by a glossy fnish and a decorative pattern, Segno. Combined with Uni Beige it creates Segno Bianco, Segno Blu and Segno Terra, on Uni Moka it gives birth to Segno Nero, Segno
Verde and Segno Ocra.

It is an industrial collection able to convey the same sensations of an artisanal product.

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