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New recipes of colour and harmony


Pigmento by Fondovalle, enhances the earth in its ancestral origin and makes it the protagonist. It combines typical graphic and material movements with extremely pure pigments to transform it into a new, intense and deep surface that is never the same.

Surfaces with a plastic character are reminiscent of coloured raw earth and retain the signs of manual workmanship that moulds and imprints textures rich in shades and highlights.

The PIGMENTO collection consists of seven colours with warm and cold nuances that offer endless combination possibilities, even in matching with different materials.

Bright and discreet spaces accommodate a balanced design in perfect harmony with large thin slabs and 8.5 &10 mm thick formats in indoor and outdoor finishes.

Matt&Deep is an exclusive production technology applied to the process of the mixtures that make up this porcelain stoneware surface extremely opaque while enhancing the three-dimensional appearance of graphics and structures.

2.OUT slabs have versatility and resistance as their two main characteristics; they can be easily applied in any context, residential or commercial; with traditional laying, glued, direct on grass and gravel or raised on feet together with a wide range of special pieces to complete.

The 2.OUT solutions are perfectly coordinated with the 8.5 / 10 and 6.5 mm floor coverings to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments that become a natural extension of one’s indoor spaces.