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50 years of production history is a lot of time. But it is in the last decade that Fondovalle has achieved an improvement on international market, focusing on and developing the oversize slabs. The goal of a path traced thanks to research, innovation, attention to detail and quality. The 6.5 mm thick surfaces are declined in the most attractive textures . The stronghold are Infinito 2.0, a marble effect , and Action: the cement that tells stories of a workshop, perhaps of industry, colored by paints and consumed by long-term activity. Really unique.

Last but not least, Dream and Resart

Dream has a design that plays with the texture of linen and the fabric of a natural landscape. Large porcelain stoneware slabs offer fleeting glimpses of an untouched woodland, as powerful as a gently evolving work of art. Nature permeates architecture, creating a wallpaper effect but with all the advantages of stoneware, i.e. water-resistance, long life, attractive texture, and easy to clean

Resart is a beautiful recreation of resin in its purest form. Sophisticated, minimal designs are swathed in neutral shades, with pottery and cobalt accents and a decorative element that calls to mind the light-dappled shadows of a woodland setting.

MYTOP is definitely the Flagship of this industry. encapsulates a selection of large, 12 mm-thick slabs cm 160×320, which revolutionises the concept of ceramic tiling, taking it to new spatial and design dimensions. With pioneering technology, we have transformed and reinvented the looks and technical features of conventional porcelain stoneware and transferred them to large-scale designs. The resulting beauty of textures and finishes expands to let users explore future scenarios for contemporary living.
A sophisticated natural finish is the underlying thread that links all the creations in Fondovalle’s MyTop collection, which is inspired by materials such as marble, cement, resin, and metal. Sought- after textures, fashioned with a blend of craftsmanship and unique technology, provide the basis for a new and bigger take on ceramic tiling, all the while maintaining its purity, practicality,

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