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the simplicity of the modern mosaic

Mutina & Konstantin Grcic: the beauty of simplicity!

‘’ The different sizes of DIN all fit into the same grid. And they can be combined to create a variety of geometries, surfaces, patterns. I like to think of a tile as the smallest unit in an architectural grid… The little square inside the box .’’ K. Grcic

After Numi, Mutina presents the novelty created by the prestigious designer Konstantin Grcic, the DIN collection, the perfect example of how simplicity leads to architectural and artistic beauty.

“Simplicity probably reflects my process of understanding something, which is analytical, I’m quite a rational person. Simplicity is a way to get to the depths of something, to its roots” K. Grcic

Tending to the very roots of beauty and thanks to its apparent simplicity, DIN offers the possibility of combining different colours, textures and formats, guaranteeing not only the highest expression of creativity, but above all incredible potential.

The novelty of the Mutina house thanks to the collaboration of K. Grcic presents a complete new way of conceiving a modern mosaic. The collection is conceived in a strictly modular logic that allows to play with the elements and offers a wide scope of possible applications, from simple concepts to the most complex ones, demonstrating an almost unlimited flexibility.

Discover the emblematic Mutina style and the innovation of modern mosaics!