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The Core of Ceramic Industry

Emilgroup: Leader since 1961

Italian Roots

Since its foundation in 1961, Emilceramica has been living a consistent growth. The landmarks of its journey concern both the technological development and takeover of important brands with their know-how. In 1971 it started to produce single-fired tiles and, after many years, it acquires Caolino Pancera, one of Italy’s top quarrying concerns. In 1989 it’s time to acquire Acif Ceramica and, latest, Viva Ceramiche e Ceramica Provenza. It has been developing a “green” policy since the early ’90s, investing constantly in innovative, efficient production processes to improve its performances and limit environmental impact

Emilceramica represent ceramic tradition reliability. In over 50 years of history, millions of households worldwide have chosen Emilceramica, a subtle blend of tradition and innovation that can meet the toughest expectations with regard to reliability and service.

Ergon is technical innovation in modern ceramics. It originated in 1991 as the Emilgroup’s technical collection, introducing full body porcelain tiles into the Group’s product range. Now it’s the brand with products most suitable for architectural projects.

Provenza provides sophisticated coverings for contemporary design, for buildings of prestige, historic dwellings and homes presented in the top international journals.

Viva Made  produces ground-breaking, innovative design for exclusive, trendy interiors. Anyone choosing it, selects not only products of exceptionally high quality level but also architectural projects with exclusive design, capable of interpreting contemporary taste with an eye on the future.

Cements, Woods, Stones, Terracottas and Marbles, proposed in many collections, from traditional shapes to big slabs . Fiorano Company offers a lot of effects meeting the tastes of Clients all over the world, the most hard to please too.

We are very proud for the trust that Emilgroup granted to us and for starting this new important partnership

Emilgroup products will soon be available in our store BHC Milano, Via Maestri Campionesi, 20