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Raimondi Levelling System








During the last 20 years the production of surfaces has known an impressive revolution that has required an updating of the installers. The craftsman 2.0 has certainly found also new tools for laying, in a market where the joints are unwanted by the customer and reduced to the minimum terms

Raimondi S.p.A. has its roots back more than a century ago, with the master tiler father of the founder. Mirco Raimondi learns the art of installation from him and practice it until the ’60s when he decides to make the first products in support of this activity. In 1974 the official foundation of the company, today S.p.A. thanks to the second and third generation, with a wide and complete range of tools to help and improve the installation.

RLS, Raimondi levelling System, is a simple yet ingenious system that involves the use of a T-base in whose cable stem a wedge is inserted: the pressure exerted by a clamp, thanks to the combined use of several stems / wedges , ensures that the joints are perfectly recorded and the surfaces are absolute flatness.

It has now become a must for all types of installation, recommended for everyone