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The super-technology of Atlas


The highest ceramic expression of marble

Marvel for a long time has given shape to our imagination, telling us fantastic stories and making them real. But we’re not talking about the film producer of superheroes movies. Marvel is the Atlas Concorde’s range of products that collects numerous marble effect collections, the highest ceramic expression of this noble material. The technological excellence of the production process combines the elegance of marble with the application advantages of ceramics, effectively responding to the needs of contemporary design in any application context.

We have already said, previously, that the technological plus is enormous: greater functionality, resistance, non-absorbency. But there is also, then, an important green aspect, which allows to give a valid alternative to a material that, alas, is an exhaustible resource, without renouncing to the beauty, depth and mineral games created by nature over the centuries.

Atlas Concorde is the godfather of the Concorde Group, the first leading Italian ceramic group in the world and the undisputed protagonist of the technological development in the sector, with product and production process innovations that have made history of ceramics. Its mission is to offer the most demanding consumers, interior designers and architects ceramic solutions designed for each intended use, guaranteeing aesthetic refinement always in line with market demands, combined with excellent technical performance. Atlas, with Marvel, boasts one of the widest choice of marble effects on the market.

Already from the most popular tiles, Statuario, Carrara, Calacatta, Marvel reveals greater purity than the white base, not easy to find in the sector. The collections develop from the onyx to the bardiglio up to the more intense Saint Laurent and Nero Marquina. White dolomite, Gris Prestige, Travertino Alabastrino, Gris Claire, Bronze Luxury: it is impossible, now, to mention them all including the many combinations of floor, wall tiles and the range of decors produced.

However, it is essential to dedicate some more time to the Fantastic 4 Concorde products.

The name of Agata is borrowed from the Sicilian river Acate, today Dirillo, in which more than two millennia ago it was found. Rich in insertions and bands of minerals and quartz, Agata Azul by Atlas reproduces and offers the beauty of this stone on stoneware.

Ultramarine is inspired by Brazilian blue silver granite and sodalite, the blue princess of Canadians. The blue charge is intense, sometimes dotted, full of white inserts and green and copper shades.

Last, but not least, Brazil Green, which winks to the deep Green Guatemala, and Red Luxury: the closest to Rosso Levanto in the marble effects offer on the market today.

Atlas Concorde is a Bhc Milano partner and its products can be purchased in our showroom or on our online shop!