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Copper, Brass, Bronze, Zinc, Aluminum... Metal is an living element.



The term Materica is derived from the adjective ‘material’, i.e. ‘relating to matter’.

MATERICA is an Atelier offering high quality metal painting, metallisation and oxidation services.

A team of experienced artisans, with fine taste and a keen eye for detail, create expressive and innovative surfaces.

They transform a variety of materials into luxurious objects and artefacts, enhancing their beauty and purity and taking them to a higher level.

With liquid and powder coating, it emulates metallic effects to elevate surfaces and exalt the product through unique expressive details.

Furthermore, with the use of exclusive metallization techniques it reproduces metallic material finishes, through the application of the highest quality paints and the fusion of pure metal wires by means of an electric arc gun, which micronises them.

High-quality raw materials are tested and certified according to strict international standards.

MATERICA is able to meet the growing demand of architects and interior designers for finishes that bring out the true essence of materials, offering a high level of customization.

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