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Barber & Osgerby


Mutina’s research into three-dimensional elements

As the noth-east wind, Mistral by Mutina introduces a breath of fresh air in ceramic and design world.  Thanks to Barber & Osgerby ( have a look to Primavera by Mutina )  Mutina’s research into three-dimensional elements led to the fabrication of a single piece in tape casting terracotta that is geometrically sophisticated and wellbalanced. The bases of the elements are multiples of the height, symbolising the versatility of the compositions. A variety of compositions are possible including horizontal, vertical, closed and open, and they are all adapted to both internal and external architecture

Mistral is inspired by the echo of ancient architectures. During a visit to the Italian countryside, we noticed how terracotta vent tiles were also used to provide natural ventilation in rural barns and out-buildings. They  started thinking about their function as a partition, shielding
or revealing certain details. Mistral play with the light creating cones of light and shadow within the solid stone walls of the ancient farmstead. A clearly dark effect giving a plus to our rooms.

Mistral is a non structural artisanal partition elements, in tape casting terracotta, 12,5 cm thick . These elements must in any case comply with the technical standards of construction regulation, applicable in the country where they are installed. For the Italian national territory, in particular, they should comply with standard NTC 2018 DECRETO MIN 27/01. This product is suitable for both residential and commercial areas, to be installed  with painted willow profile with maximum surfaces of 2mt x 3mt or 3mt x 2mt. A top profile with removable sides is provided for ceiling fixing. In order to achieve an optimal aesthetic outcome we advise to avoid cutting the pieces and install them whole adjusting the wooden willow profile accordingly. This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas complying with UNI EN 722-22 marked
“F1-moderate exposure”

We wait for you in our store in Milan! You could buy it also on our shop!