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Mutina & Vincent Van Duysen

Mutina approaches nature, the environment and the essence of pure matter, the Kosei collection is born.

Kosei by Vincent Van Duysen is the new Mutina collection that draws on and reflects the physical and chromatic characteristics of lava rocks, such as obsidian and volcanic glass, with their renowned amorphism, homogeneity and remarkable hardness.

With Kosei, a range of ceramic surfaces made with the use of pure and tactile materials is proposed to the market.

Kosei, which literally translated from Japanese means composition, brings with it as an end result a timeless design, designed specifically for great architecture, extremely versatile thanks to the 5 colors and 8 formats that in combination with each other give the possibility to create endless combinations.

Freedom of artistic and architectural expression is perfectly represented by this Mutina collection; every architect has the opportunity to express himself and unleash his creativity by adapting the Kosei collection to any of his ideas and in any project.

Creativity, purity and simplicity: here is Mutina Kosei by Vincent Van Duysen!

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