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The perception of matter is always in relation to the point of view of those who take advantage of it and of those who mold it. Michelangelo saw his sculptures in a piece of raw marble, from which he freed them; so, the Petra Antiqua staff sees unexpected textures on the natural surfaces.

The Bressan family and its entourage have a distinctive mark in the processing of marble and stone. Thanks to modern technologies, extension of the skilled hands of the craftsman, the surface conquers a third dimension and, with etchings and lacquers,  wonderful nueances … the appeal of these products is incredible and world-wide appreciated, also by the most demanding international markets .

Petra Antiqua is unmatched company, definitely because it’s able to have a new look. Never obvious, always refined. Because it’s trying and wrong, walking on never trampled roads and learning from mistakes that we reveal new possibilities

“As reflections of styles, taste and creativity, the collections that Petra Antiqua offers to customers are manifested in hundreds of unique items, created through a journey consisting of study, graphic design and a craft work done by professionals with years of experience in sector”

In our showroom in Milan, Via Mestri Campionesi, 20