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Zanellato & Bortotto

Storie: a new fairy tale

What only time and life can create

The slabs of Storie collection are ceramic fields where the mixtures of pigments, wisely organized, appear in chromatic shades with amazing effects, with a visual expressivity inspired by the work of slow and fascinating fading over time of plasters and wall decorations in the traditional Italian architecture; these porcelain stoneware slabs redefine the figure of an elegant modernity in the ceramic field.

The walls welcome our daily life, like blood vessels in which life flows. They witness triumphs and defeats, they hold photos that immortalize unforgettable moments, they are repainted for the birth of a child: every sign, colour or crack tells something. And we never wonder what those cracks are, why they have certain colors and why those colors could only be those? If we did, we would understand how every square metre becomes the first page of a past adventure. The walls are stories, they are living witnesses of adventures, emotions, moments, affections, which they record on their surface. But that is not all! Their moving and active surfaces give birth to new imaginaries in which we can literally get lost. “Storie” collection by Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto gives shape to all this, translating moods, feelings and moments that walls and floors of the old Italian mansions preserve and imprison in a fixed moment.

The theme of time and alteration of the material caused by seasonal passages or atmospheric and human phenomena has always been a strong suggestion for designers: some have tried to fix it, others have found a design trick to welcome it without suffering it, others have accelerated, anticipated, oriented, recreated it. Thanks to the technological innovation, they were able to reproduce all the effects of wear and layering on ceramic slabs, to the Stories, which normally only time and life are able to create.

It is exciting how this research comes from the youngest authors of the new era of CEDIT, who have decided to have a confrontation with the most ancestral theme in a relaxed and wise way. Even more exciting is that the reference is to Italy, perfectly in line with the work of the brand and its authors: for the exaltation of the production process, for the relationship with the tradition of the brand and with its territory, for the wise and strategic innovations in the treatment of this difficult material.

Storie collection embellishes an entire wall of our store in Via Maestri Campionesi, 20 in Milan: We are waiting for you!