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The time of Kronos

Work in gres




Kronos reinvents ceramics and can surely be credited for leading them into the future with a 360° vision. The Fiorano-based firm offers several outstanding collections.

Fabrique. This contemporary look overlaps stone and concrete to create a robust yet elegant gres finish. The three neutral shades feature a ton-sur-ton craquelé effect for an intriguing textured surface.

Carrière Du Kronos, with an evident nod to untreated natural stone: the 5×40 format mixed texture is outstanding.

Talco. White. Pure, smooth, bright, minimal. The appearance is pure and silky, created by the play of light between different textures: the compactness of the base, the perforations of the dégradé and the imperfection of the lines.

Created in collaboration with designer Gordon Guillaumier, Trellis combines colour with wood effect and concrete effect, in a palette of subtle shades. Triangles, squares, hexagons, striking linear patterns.

Last but not least, Prima Materia. Substance in its original form, basic. Fabulous to look at and wonderful to touch, this surface comes in three versions: natural, waxed and grip. The most metropolitan collection of all is a crowning glory not just for this producer, but for the world of ceramics.

In a different time and place, Giuseppe Verdi once said “Let us turn to the past: that will be progress”. Practically borrowing from the Maestro, Kronos has done exactly this. KLab is its “bespoke” product; the craftsmanship of the past in a 2.0 version. It’s a wide-ranging programme that supports architects and construction firms in all parts of their projects, from design to implementation with bespoke feasibility studies and customised solutions to fulfil technical and aesthetic requirements. Professionals have the opportunity to dialogue with a single supplier, where they find high quality materials and a wide range of products to meet every need: raised flooring, brise soleil, ventilated facades and special items including bathroom fittings.
This made-to-measure service is another excellent feature of Kronos, which now embarks on a new and undoubtedly profitable partnership with

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