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BHC Milano presents

Venice Duke

The Art of "La Serenissima"






Venice Duke has taken on the tradition of artisan decorated majolica, jewel in the crown of the Serenissima and her Terraferma. Just like the Marine Republic, Venice Duke has known how to unite fidelity to the territory with a view to the outside world, winning over even the most demanding markets with a greatly localised product. They have done it with the clay mixtures passed down through generations, with the hand-painted majolica with its quick, skilful and precise brushstrokes. They have done it with the last generation laminated stoneware, a clear sign that they wish to look to the future while making a treasure of their productive history.

The collections are marked by an eclectic creativity and rich ideas, ideal partners and the artistic engine behind the Treviso-based company.

Theo Design
Theo Design is the brand that unites Simone Poletti and his wife Carla. Together they work for passion and family tradition in ceramics, uniting design ability and artistic sensitivity and experimenting with the blends and results that vary each time with the different types of clay. Theirs is the Cartoccio Collection, a wall covering in natural or enamelled clay for interiors. The surface is shaken by a three-dimensional, full aspect that resembles the sea, or a crumpled leaf. Available as rectangles or Murassi and Maximurassi diagonal cuts. And the colours? Cartoccio is white or black, gloss or matt; the natural cream nuances, natural leather, brown and grey, ideal to decorate the walls of areas dedicated to peace, wellbeing and relaxation. Available in the versions gold, antique silver and copper, ready to breathe new life into wall coverings of great impact for private interiors, boutiques, hotels and restaurants.

Liberal and anarchic expression of the decorative tradition of the local area, the Sbittarte collective was established between Bassano, Marostica and Nove fifteen years ago. Sbittarte’s painting on majolica for Venice Duke is that of the masters Bertoncello and Bajo. The unmistakeable signature outlines the Linea Artistica collection which also includes ceramic tiles and large stoneware panels for wall or floor coverings. Each piece is hand-painted, making it unique. The subjects are geometrical motifs, traditionally-inspired patterns, and spirals, abstract landscapes with imaginary animals, faces and looks, in the widest possible colour combinations (white, black or red patterns on coloured backgrounds, white and blue to follow tradition). With such versatility, it is ideal to decorate all environments or as an elegant detail on furnishings and furniture.

Over the years, the evolution of the market has led to softer and more minimal nuances, depriving our surroundings – more or less consciously – of the vitality of many colours. To counteract this trend, Venice Duke proposes two wonderful collections, a paint pallet of all the colours of the rainbow, and more; some are full of energy and shine, others are soft and fresh, without forgetting the purest of whites and the most intense of blacks and three grey tints between them. Rainbow is a line of stoneware that has been hand-treated twice with a layer of enamel. Their slabs become a monochrome interlude working in harmony with the artistic line. Vibrazioni di colore proposes slabs in hand-painted laminated stoneware, whose opaque effect resembles a frescoed wall. Born as a background to the “Le spighe” in the Artistic Line it soon become a motif in its own right, characterised by strong, bold brushstrokes. It is available in eight tones and five sizes. Other colours, formats and thicknesses other than the standard 3mm are available upon request. Another feather in the company’s cap is the chance to personalise the product: the heirs of the Dolfato family and of Ceramica di Treviso, in fact, create products customised by colour, decoration, type of texture and size, with made-to-measure large ceramic tiles and stoneware slabs. The creativity of artists and designers and a solid network of stores and hi-tech companies allow us to create custom made projects to fulfil all demands. They work the clay surfaces to make it three-dimensional, creating spectacular coverings that make the most of the irregularities of the matter and the chiaroscuro. Samples are provided immediately, even on a personalised design. The ceramic supports are treated like a blank canvas, and all subjects and decorations are undertaken by hand.

We are proud to host Venice Duke in our BHC store in Milan, Via Maestri Campionesi. There is only one way you will be able to see for yourselves how precious and unique our surfaces and colour schemes are: you have to come visit us.