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Cersaie 2018










Cersaie 2018. The Show is over and for the manifacturers it’s time to bring products to the market and its players.

The leading actor of the first act is definitely the oversize world. The investment in large slabs is huge.

It is so for what we see. The colours are back on the stage, they acquire vivacity and an intense depth in the glossy marbles effects. For some collections, the superficial vein continues in the dough, with the intent more and more evident to match the natural product.

It is so also for what we don’t see, though present and significant: the purely technical aspect. The quality of the systems, the technologies and the degree of automation are very high. Florim Group presents, in the evocative setting of the new industrial center, an engineering and production marvel that places this giant of the sector among the first to boast a 4.0 release. The use of stoneware has also been confirmed, with large formats and greater thickness, for the creation of furniture and furnishing elements, with a view to a wider home project, subtended by one or a few materials only.

The second act involves the characters of the past, though still full of charm. The wood effects reproduce the oiled and waxed slats. The patterns and shapes of our tradition, some refreshed on a gres support, designed by great authors. Vietresi artisans, Giò Ponti, Mendini, with his multi-colored dots. The surfaces look like the soft and glazed terracotta of the past; the colours are shining and beautiful. Vulcanica Collection created by Provence, Emilgroup Family, is remarkable, with its cobalt, blue and gray colours mixed, that evoke ancient and original flavors, just like the big root that overlooked the spectators in the beautiful setting.

Last but not least, many non-leading actors worthy of mention. Some that, despite what many have said to be a transitional Cersaie, clearly demonstrate that the search for beauty, the aesthetic effort, the desire to do well and find new ways of expression, are present an alive .

Very soon the news will be proposed in our BHC store in Via Maestri Campionesi, 20 in Milan. Meanwhile, we propose some previews, taken in the huge pavilions of Cersaie 2018