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Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby


unique and always different texture

Primavera resembles a natural element with all its irregularities, perceptible to sight and touch, by throwing small coloured ceramic inserts in a completely random way on five different mixture bases. This allows beautiful imperfections to emerge, creating a unique and always different texture


Neutra 6.0: a new color release

Colorful surfaces

Neutra 6.0 open project. Walls become paintings where the color is the main element of expression with effective communicative properties, an emotional background that takes its shape from the individual’s freedom of imagination. Get it now with an extra discount on!

Altaeco Spa

Vogue is still in vogue

The shape of color

Shape and Color are distintictive elements for Ceramica Vogue. Its vast catalogue gives us a lot of opportunity to create. Its products meet the tastes and styiles of all Clients. Minimal or retrò, contemporary or classical, residential, industrial. Discover it on!

Ronan e Erwan Bouroullec

Iconic Pico

It still rules: get it on!

Pico is one of the best sellers of Mutina and it is the result of collaboration with Ronan e Erwan Bouroullec. This iconic product focuses on revealing the matter as a substance itself: they intended to maintain the raw aspect of traditional earth floors or handmade cement. Descover it on!

The beauty of wood

BOEN: Your Style, Your Floor !

BOEN is international player in the hardwood flooring business. BOEN products are sold in more than 50 countries, on four continents, with Corporate Management based in Norway. Get its products on our and benefit from 55% discount!

Bhc Milano presents

Tws: the Soul of the Stone

Keyword: Customization

Tws Company is located in the South of Italy. The founder continued the ancient tradition of working natural stone and, thanks to his capable “children”, Tws brought this tradition to us: have a look to the picture below and enjoy its beautiful and timeless collections.

An upward trend

Handmade cement tiles

The tradition lives on

Micro, macro, geometric, floral, classic, metropolitan, vintage, dotted, marble aggregate effect: the charm of the historic handmade cement tiles continues to inspirate and be appreciated. Find the new proposals in our store in Milan or on our shop-online!



A Smart Choice!

Ceramica Euro is a good concept: captivating look and small price! It has products with high design, created with excellent raw materials and state-of-the-art production processes: a company that has all it takes to compete on the market! Buy now on!


Celosia by Urquiola

a real tactile material

The Asturian Designer looks once again to the tradition, to the history of materials, and reinvent now the extruded terracotta. Celosia, comes out from earth, imperfect and solid, marked by the hand of man and by time passing. Terracotta has been reinvented and it borns to a knew life

The Core of Ceramic Industry

Emilgroup: Leader since 1961

Italian Roots

Since its foundation in 1961, Emilgroup is one of the most leading company in Ceramic Surface Industry. From its headquarter based in Italy, it designs, develops, manufactures and distributes ceramic tiles for four commercial brands: Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza and Viva.