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An upward trend

Handmade cement tiles

The tradition lives on

Micro, macro, geometric, floral, classic, metropolitan, vintage, dotted, marble aggregate effect: the charm of the historic handmade cement tiles continues to inspirate and be appreciated. Find the new proposals in our store in Milan or on our shop-online!



A Smart Choice!

Ceramica Euro is a good concept: captivating look and small price! It has products with high design, created with excellent raw materials and state-of-the-art production processes: a company that has all it takes to compete on the market! Buy now on!


Celosia by Urquiola

a real tactile material

The Asturian Designer looks once again to the tradition, to the history of materials, and reinvent now the extruded terracotta. Celosia, comes out from earth, imperfect and solid, marked by the hand of man and by time passing. Terracotta has been reinvented and it borns to a knew life

The Core of Ceramic Industry

Emilgroup: Leader since 1961

Italian Roots

Since its foundation in 1961, Emilgroup is one of the most leading company in Ceramic Surface Industry. From its headquarter based in Italy, it designs, develops, manufactures and distributes ceramic tiles for four commercial brands: Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza and Viva.

A New Partnership

Casalgrande Padana

What it takes to make the difference

6 factories , 700,000 square metres of industrial sites, 1,000 employees, 24,000,000 square metres of stoneware tiles a year, all made in Italy, 70 countries in 5 continents, served by its widespread sales network. Casalgrande Padana has what it takes to make the difference and to confirm its greatness all over the world. Let’s start a new partnership whith the great italian manifactureri Casalgrande Padana
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BHC Milano presents

Venice Duke

The Art of "La Serenissima"

Venice Duke has inherited the forty years’ culture of Ceramica di Treviso and the Dolfato family to re-interpret ceramic decorations, assigning to designers and artists ideas for making top quality tiles, slabs and cladding in clay, grès and majolica.


C_Mine: from Genk to Imola

North-European inspiration

The name of this collection takes its inspiration from an abandoned coal mining complex outside the Belgian city of Genk.Recently converted into a modern cultural centre, the site is now famous for its innovative creativity that combines history and tradition with contemporary style and design.

This project is expressed through keywords such as combination, regeneration, art, culture and designas the product is a new expression of a material whose surface reveals a powerful bond between innovation, interaction and architecture. When the bricks, concrete and metals in these abandoned locations are lit up they reveal flaws and colours that evoke distinctively original atmospheres.

A new point of view

Discovering Boxer

m o s a i c t w o d o t z e r o

The art of mosaic is ancient, it comes from afar. He has experienced flourishing periods of great appreciation on the market, until the change in taste, new trends and the latest generation materials have relegated it to the margins of the sector. Thanks to companies like Boxer able to reinvent the design, shapes and colors, this product has fortunately acquired new freshness and met the liking of buyers.


Inspiring the future

With more than 50 years of experience, Fondovalle is a market leader in the production and sale of porcelain floor and wall tiles and slabs. Ever since 1962, Ceramica Fondovalle has pursued the goals of aesthetic refinement, quality, a focus on detail, technological development and innovation, safeguarding the environment and the land; it is a company made up of people, ideas and materials that come together every day to offer the Italian and international markets the best of Italian design in ceramics. This is why technical design, aesthetic study and pursuit of stylistic trends have always been central concerns for this productor, supported by on-going strategic investment and non-stop technological innovation guaranteeing excellent productive processes, exclusive top quality products and efficient service.

Raimondi Spa

Laying Solutions

Raimondi Levelling System

RLS, Raimondi levelling System, is a simple yet ingenious laying system: thanks to it, the joints are perfectly recorded and the surfaces are absolute flatness. A must for all types of installation created by Raimondi Spa, leader producer of laying systems and instruments