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The Zen and the art of concrete

Azuma inspired Imola

The author's quote from the historic Cooperativa

Imola is the oldest production and work cooperative in Italy and it has been a protagonist on the international markets since the end of the 1800s, reaching great notoriety already in the first decades of the 1900s and obtaining, then, the record in exports, thanks to the progressive growth of its factories and its production capacity.

Looking at the products, solid and long-lasting, clearly emerge its aesthetic research and design ability to make them stylish and contemporary.

The artist Kengiro Azuma was a great sculptor and painter, whose art investigated the philosophical concept of MU: emptiness, according to Zen Buddhism, combining it with the spatial avantgarde. He would perhaps be happy for the quote in the collection of the same name, Azuma, created by the manufacturer of Imola. Oriental inspiration, suitable for covering contexts in which linearity, elegance of the signs and minimalism rule the roost. Azuma is the materialization of a new design philosophy that is inspired by the very special way of conceiving the places of living, and the idea of space, in Japan. Starting from the material suggestion of cement, Imola with this project proposes radically innovative solutions that are at the same time fully embedded in a millenary tradition. It is all embodied in a ceramic product that represents the harmonious synthesis between industrial rigor and attention to craftsmanship details, lightness, search for functionality and aesthetic ambition.

The colours proposed degrade from very light grey to black. The irregular but without roughness surface is appreciated more, as often happens, on slab6.5, the large format by Imola that gives us a generous 120×260 cm. A product that communicates well with both metal and wooden elements.

We are happy to welcome Cooperativa Ceramica D’Imola to our showroom.

Azuma is also available on our shop!