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Cement, elegance and tatoo

HYPER : it’s all true

Among the best in the ceramic sector

Hyper, because hyper-realism is the stylistic feature that distinguishes this collection. Inspired by the concrete blocks used in industrial construction, Hyper preserves all the signs of the natural ageing process of cement. Cracks, holes and stains are accurately reproduced on the surface thanks to the latest generation digital technologies, following the contemporary aesthetic standard, looking at the creative contamination of styles and materials. Even the moisture stains peek out on the corners of these products, demonstrating the extreme aesthetic care and attention to details of Flaviker, as well as its high-tech production processes.

The surface cheats the eye with an unexpected three-dimensionality, as much as surprisingly it appears tactile but soft to the touch and leaves the hand free to flow ensuring functionality and ease of maintenance alongside an extremely elegant and classy industrial atmosphere. The collection is rich in formats; from 30×60 cm to 120×120 cm in 9 mm thickness, which are produced by a pressing system based on the dry compaction of raw materials, going up to 120×270 cm in 7 mm, appreciable for the technical performances. WIDE, which identifies porcelain stoneware slabs, solid and light, created in the reduced thickness of 7mm thanks to the revolutionary CONTINUA + production technology, is available in our showroom in Via Mestri Campionesi, 20

The competitors have worked together with great designers and architects. Flaviker, demonstrating an admirable artistic impulse, looked at another form of art: the tattoo design. He chooses among the greatest and near home, in Sassuolo: Tiziano Colella, aka Titti. He approached the tattoo during the military service, enriching his passion and his talent with courses in airbrushing, wall painting, ceramics and becoming one of the most recognized and endowed labels in the sector. Thus, following the urban style even more, this collaboration gives us 4 deco plates. 2 “street lover”, a crossover between graffiti and airbrushing, while the other two are much more virile and clearly inspired by two traditional tattoos: “Tiger” and “Rose”.

Hyper can also be purchased online, on our shop!