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A new partnership


The charm of North European design

#terratintastyle. Just like a hashtag, Terratinta Group proposes itself in a clear, direct, extremely communicative and modern way. But with the simplicity of the origins. They say about them “The humility of simple concepts together with great professionals: this is Terratinta Ceramiche”. And we talk about it continually and deliberately in the plural, as a working group, as a team of motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious people.

Unlike the generalist tendency of a large part of the market, Terratinta Group has a well-defined and reference identity. #terratintasyle develops on five fundamental pillars:

#welovegreys: all the Beton and Stone series have different shades of gray, interpreted and declined from warm to cold tones, from light to dark, from more neutral shades to more individual ones.

#decors: with Betonepoque project, born in 2013, #terratintastyle interprets the decorative ceramic style, offering products with different formats and technologies. Modern and minimal graphics and colors intertwined with more vintage decorations, giving surprisingly fresh and unusual aesthetic effects.

#bigandsmall: next to the small formats with over 40 years of history, Terratinta, strong of new technologies, has inserted plates up to 120 × 120. And the “big” offer will soon be increased to offer an extremely wide range of formats.

#nordictrends: the founding pivot, perhaps, of @terratintasyle, the guiding star of the group’s choices: Scandinavian style and design, ceramic tiles and mosaics in the latest color trends, from pastel to stronger shades.

#concepts: thanks to The 4Shades Concept and the Betonstil collection, the collections are not ends in themselves, but can be combined together. Different elements, product styles, formats, decorations and patterns come together.

The group’s collections are not in fact elements in their own right but, even more than for other producers, they dialogue among themselves with the precise intention of providing the Client and the professional with all the tools to compose a personal moodboard and find the solution, unusual, refined , elegant, proper, with a specific color tone, never equal or banal. “… a unique style is created, a new warm minimalism that blends perfectly with the North European design, which today has become a trend all over the world. Minimalist but cozy, elegant but clear: #terratintastyle”