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Rich in investements, culture and natural beauty

Samara: a new strike!

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Vasily Aksënov said about Samara “I wouldn’t know where to find such long and beautiful shores in the West“. Самара is a diamond set between the Volga and Samara rivers, a land rich in natural beauty and history. Unexpectedly a crossroads of peoples who passed through the centuries, it is a melting-pot of cultures and ethnicities: Russians, Tatars, Ukrainians, Mordvins, Chuvashis, Bashkirians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Uzbeks, Tajiks and it is not unusual to hear their respective streets languages ​​in addition to Russian which is here only the official language and not the most common. A rich urban center that has experienced great industrial development and large capital investments, becoming the sixth-largest Russian city

From Samara, about 9 years ago, we have been asked for a prestigious intervention to which Bhc Milano worked in collaboration with the important Milanese Architecture Studio Ezio Riva. A beautiful and wide private residence with two big houses for the owners, guest suites, play areas and fitness . Natural materials were main actors in this luxury project .

Pre-finished Oak three-layer parquet 20 mm, born of the long experience in wood-floaring of our company. It is the Bhc Collection Oversize, Planks reach lengths up to 12 meters, to create a “wall to wall” effect, a unique and compact overall vision, without head joints and interruptions. Oversize is designed for those who want to go beyond any common expectation and make use of a service highly customized. The result is a surface without joints, where the gaze can range without limits. Ideal for contemporary homes, showrooms and exhibition spaces. Oversize is available in oak, teak, cherry, ovengkol, American walnut, wengé, and other wood species on request.

Travertine  and stones, mechanically processed , with incisions and abrasions that have enhanced the structure and given the guests a coating with a strong three-dimension surfaces. They are coupled with the delicacy of the mosaics, the lightness of the crystals and the purity of the water in the Spa area, relaxation areas and bathrooms. A product created by Petra Antiqua, in the Khadi, Nattè and Murazzo versions, a skilful mix of finishes and geometries.

Cedar wood adds a touch of warmth to the pool in the spa area, which is also harmoniously combined with stone and mosaics.

A project in progress (in these days a new intervention in the outdoor area starts) which confirms how much BHC Milano is an intarnational and the high standard player